Every afternoon at around 4pm, something magical happens in this space.  The light comes through the front door and hits the bar in just the right way, and creates the most beautiful glare. The rush of mid day winds down and those who remain in the space get to bask in the glow of that afternoon sun. 

To celebrate this magical time of day at The Springs, we introduce “Golden Hour:”  a time to relax and unwind from the day's work, engage in meaningful conversation with friends and strangers alike, partake of our unique list of organic and biodynamic wines, and enjoy some late afternoon/early evening snacks by Executive Chef Jasmine Shimoda. 

Golden Hour takes place Monday - Friday from 4-8pm, and will include occasional live music, talks, and tastings. 

See our sample menu below (subject to change). 

cashew cacao brittle: rosemary/aleppo   $4

marinated castelvetrano olives: spicy tomato sauce/preserved lemon/coriander/focaccia   $5

green papaya salad: bean sprouts/carrots/pickled peanuts thai basil/chili/mint/cilantro   $9

nachos: blue corn tortilla chips/guacamole/habañero hot sauce/coconut crema/pickled red onions/walnut chili   $9

spicy tempeh sushi roll: cucumber/avocado/daikon sprouts/spicy mayo   $8

falafel  poutine: house-made falafel balls/creamy tahini/BBQ gravy/cucumbers/pickles/dill/hot sauce   $9


organic, biodynamic, and sustainable wines, beer, kombucha and more!