Jasmine Shimoda’s approach to food is simple: she takes the very best ingredients nature has to offer and prepares them with all the passion, creativity, skillfulness, and integrity that defines her as a chef. She started her professional culinary career in NYC working under legendary chefs such as Chef Masaharu Morimoto, Chef David Waltuck, Chef April Bloomfield, Chef George Mendes, and Chef Wesley Genovart. She quickly rose to running the highly acclaimed tasting menu restaurant “Degustation” and received an unprecedented 28 points in Zagat during her tenure there.

Since re-launching The Springs' kitchen in June, 2016, Jasmine has created a go-to menu of clean and wholesome, every-day plant-based cuisine that has gained a following among residents of the LA Arts District and Greater LA, and led to an off-site collaboration with Juice Served Here and a program of plant-based holiday take-home menus. 2017 holds further promise for Jasmine & The Springs' shared mission, as she presents specialized menus highlighting integrative approaches to nutrition and medicine.