Welcome to the ultimate kombucha home-brewing adventure!

Our two-session workshop series at the beautiful The Springs in downtown LA will turn you from a complete novice to a brewing dynamo. 

Session 2: Intermediate and Advanced

October 1, 2016 / 2pm

So you’ve started brewing, but want to take your skills to the next level? Session 2 in our “Adventures in Home-Brewing Series” will show you how. Guests will be able to bring their home-brews with them, and we will take you through the ultimate trouble-shooting course. Want to try brewing with coffee? This session will take you there. Want to get even better flavor profiles? We’ll help you. In addition to providing a brewing overview, we will guide you towards gaining even more confidence as a brewer. We will go deeper into pH balances, flavoring with exotic herbs, edible flowers and essential oils, and you will even get tips on how to go commercial with your brews!

Fermsch kombucha’s Chad Huniu will be on-hand to answer detailed questions and sample his inventive flavors. Guests will be able to share their own home-brews too, and offer critiques and support to one another!