Adventures in Kombucha Home-Brewing: Session 1, Beginners

Welcome to the ultimate kombucha home-brewing adventure!

Our two-session workshop series at the beautiful The Springs in downtown LA will turn you from a complete novice to a brewing dynamo. 


Session 1: Beginners

August 13, 2016 / 2pm

We will teach you how to start from scratch, and go through all the steps of getting your brew started. We will leave no stone unturned. From selecting the right teas, to keeping your tools clean, to figuring out when to bottle, we will guide you in real time, using language you can understand and relate to. You will learn how to achieve optimal carbonation, how to select local, organic flavors, and experiment with tea blends. 

The session will include a detailed Q&A, with the founder of Orange County-based Fermensch kombucha, Chad Huniu, as well as an elaborate tasting of Fermensch’s and Kombucha Hunter’s home-brews. 

Every guest goes home with their very-own California-grown scoby and starter!